Attraction plus Obstacles Leads to Excitement.

In my last Blog “Why is Western Civilization so Extreme Violent?” I wrote about Guilt or Sin.  If Guilt is transformed into Freedom Sexuality becomes an Art, a Way to Express Human Creativity. In the “The Erotic Mind” (Jack Morin) Sexuality is seen as a general human expression. Morin has developed an “Erotic Equation“: Attraction plus …

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About Number and Magnitude

We have lost the relationship between Number and Form or Number and Magnitude as the Ancient Greeks called their Forms. A few years ago a Revolution in Mathematics and Physics has started. This revolution is caused by Geometric Algebra. In Geometric Algebra the Ancient Theories of Euclid and Pythagoras are reevaluated. Numbers are Scalar (Quantum) …

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How to Resolve an Infinite Chain of Conflicts

Humans attach much greater weight to future losses than to future gains, especially when the former are certain and immediate and the latter are uncertain. Humans take unwise risks to avoid certain and immediate losses. They don’t want to take risks to pursue gains or will unwisely turn down proposed changes or concessions that offer …

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The House of Morgan or How the Great Depression was Created

Black Tuesday, October 29 1929 a giant economic implosion took place. This implosion was the official start of the Great Depression. The  implosion took place because Something or Somebody was pushing the economy UP while it wanted to go down. An artificial Up-movement of the Economy is called a Bubble. J.P. Morgan was highly involved …

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You are the Cause of Your own Problems

Many people are stressed and the amount of stress is increasing. They pay their bills but a company is telling them that they have not paid their bill. They phone the call centre and prove they are right but the operator is telling them they are wrong. A week later the company sends a reminder. They call again and get the same answer. People spend hours waiting in line to talk to somebody that cannot handle their problem.