Most articles are written in Dutch, all files are Adobe Acrobat format.

  1. Market Research E-Learning
  2. Ideas about Knowledge Management
  3. Social Security, Using Story Telling to change the behavior of people that are disabled.
  4. Story Engineering, Using Story Telling engines to influence behavior
  5. Story Engineering used in the project Virtueel Werken
  6. A Requirements Analysis for the Participation of SME's in Electronic Commerce
  7. Presentation about conceptdevelopment of the project Virtual Work (first raw version), 2004.
  8. Using games to change behavior
  9. Situation Based Learning: Learning from real life situations 
  10. Time Out: A plan of approach to influence the life-style of young people 
  11. Emotional architectures: Why emotions are important.
  12. The history and the theory behind cycles
  13. Thoughts about connecting and organizing
  14. How to destroy or to save a context
  15. The blurring of boundaries
  16. Using improvisation in healthcare
  17. Impuls TV: A concept to manipulate the customer to buy almost everything on impulse
  18. Playing with boundaries, layers and streams (reflections on my experience with software-development)
  19. Why thinking does not work
  20. From evalution to collective design
  21. Metaphors: Thinking with our body
  22. Balancing production and consumption
  23. Spirit and Soul: Thoughts about spirituality
  24. Moving up and down: Connecting small scale specialized human networks and large scale collaborative IT-technology.
  25. Education: The infinite game
  26. About Banks and Insurance Companies
  27. The Holographic Universe
  28. Collaborative Learning and Communities
  29. What is an Emotion ?
  30. Creating communities
  31. Defining a collaborative process to realize collaborative learning 
  32. The Cycle of a Knowledge Intensive Company

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