Current Projects

I am a Mathematician with a long career in Advanced (AI-based) Banking.

I am born and educated in Leiden.

I am 70. I am still interested in busines-development” and Research.

Currently I am reseaching the Nation State.

I am a Searcher always looking for interesting technology.

I am  starting new companies based on the technology I find.

I almost always use the  technology we have named Alchemist. Alchemist develops pattern recognizers that use huge volumes of content (documents, email. chat, ..) including software-code as an input.

In this way we are able to determinate the potential of cities, countries and companies.

My newest company has been called Cody Cody . With Cody-dody we use direct feedback to train people in programming.

I am also highly interested in Bio Physics. We have developed a tool to enhance the immune-system. With this tool we are able to cure people of the Corona-virus.

Last month I have realized my dream to create a new First Time Right Engineering Company named FiTiRY.

We are able to operate in every field of engineering including Medical/Health engineering, sofware engineering, logistics, factories, Buildings, entertainment, etc etc.

Currently FITIRY is involved in realizing a big factory to create wooden construction packages for houses based on Smart Building Theory.

We are also starting to create a Smart Auditing Company and a Care Company that will replace the majority of general practioners in the Netherlands.


I am living from my pensions. This gives me the opportunity to do what I want.

Currently I am looking at new models /theories that expand the scope and reach of the  System Engineering of very big projects  in the real physical world (tunnels, aeroplanes, software-systems etc, budget  >15000.000.000 Euro) the imaginary world (Models) and the relation between both worlds resulting in generators /configurators that are able to maintain physical or human structures and update their behavior according to change in their environment. A higly advanced website is the website of Kent D. Palmer related to what he calls Schema Theory., this is about naming meta-systems. (what is a land-scape?).

I believe the foundation of mathematics is the foundation of philosophy and the foundation of System Design. In this case I believe the most important foundation is Projective Geometry and its new development generalized projective geometry.

Systems Theory is based on Mathematics and Mathematics is rapidly changing because of conformal theory.

I have found a huge website called On this website I have found the book The concept of Object as the Foundation of Physics written by Irving Stein. The website is about Quantum Mechanics.

Just as mr Stein I am a big fan of Feijnman and his Absorber theory which implies that the future and the past influence eachother. The first part is not accepted in common thought but explains a lot even the integration of Quantum Mechanics & Special Relativity Theory.

Stein and my deep inquiry into Physics are stimulated by a “new” pattern /How to Benefit from Disorder I found in Paths of Change that looks like a Mobius Ring.

An interesting link on the website of Quantonics is the well-known book Zen and the Art of Motercycle-maintenance of Robert Pirsig and its successor Laila.

Robert Pirsig was convinced that Quality and Quantum Mechanics are the same issue. He wrote a special document about it called Subjects Objects, Data and Values (SODV).

When you know about Paths of Change you will see that SODV contains the same (meta-)model.

I found an explanation of the behavior of quantum particles in this article. In this article two concepts play a role: Fractals and Brownian Motion.

This a document about my Experience