Experience and Future PLans

My name is Hans Konstapel.

I was born 22-04-1951:1:02 in Leiden The Netherlands.

I live in Leiden, Tunicaduin 11, 2318XE with 06:31 6 538 431 88.

I have worked for >20 years as a Senior Manager for ABN (later ABN AMRO) responsible for the IT of the Money Market (Information Manager) , Data-Management, Corporate Security Officer , (IT-)Strategy, Training (IT-)(Business)Architecture and Re-Search, Creator Lobby office Brussels, support RvB.

I was responsible for the Merger of the Technology and the ict-People of ABN and AMRO in 1991.

I have been interested in Psychology, Philosophy, Mathematics & Physics since I was a young boy.

I am an expert in Cycles and know where the cycles are moving.

I have developed very intelligent tools to detect where trends, technology and world politics are moving to. I am an expert in Artificial Intelligence.

I know a lot about harmonics, harmonic systems and music.

I am a mathematician with a huge interest in philosophy.

I am 71 and live from  my pension.

I have been hit by many bodily disasters  (heart attack 2x, stroke) and am therefore highly experienced in smart ways to start all over again.

I am the proud father of two sons, one daughther and nine grandschildren (4 boys, 5 girls).

At this moment I am highly interested in and busy with the improvement of engineering.

I am (with others) developing tools that are able to predict where a big project  is moving to to find out where things may go wrong. Our ultimate aim is to develop a fully automated engineer.

my second aim is to improve medicine by introducing results out of Biophysics (global scaling patterns) and ancient Mathematics.

Currently I am involved in creating tools that make use of the bodily production of biophotons. Biophoton-patterns have a lot to do with ancient Chinese medicine. That is why scientists in China are highly interested.

I am a business-strategist and a software-architect with a long term experience in in many industries (and governments & Healthcare).

II was the  creator of the first dealingroom in the World (together with Reuters) and still own a part of a company that has produced highly advanced prediction-software in the banking industry.

I believe History repeats itself all the time using new terminology and technology. We can learn a lot from the past.

I believe that Ancient Science contains many clues we are looking for in modern science.

I worked for ABN & ABN AMRO, the European Union, HP (Advisor Bristol Labs, Corporate Advisory Board), Meta Group, Wolters Kluwer, Intellinex, Ecclestone Holding (Formula I), RABO-Bank, KPN, Elsevier, Interpay, NUON, KLM, Cordys, Accenture, Cap Gemini, the Dutch Government (Health Care, Education, Urban Planning), Dutch Television, The Royal Academy of Arts in the Hague, Endemol, CWI (Dutch Center for Research in Mathematics and Informatics), the Dutch Inland Revenue, TNO (Dutch Government Research Organization) and was a member of the ESPRIT Advisory Board and the FIWG (Banking Advisory Committee) of the EG in Brussels.

I am the co-creator of many companies like the Software Improvement GroupCordys, Valori Software Improvement, E-Health-Company and I am still co-creating companies.

Between 1975 and 1997 I have worked at ABN and ABN AMRO mostly as the Manager of Strategists and Architects.

My favorite domain was the Money Market (Investment Banking). 

It is the most complex area of the Banking Industry.

In 1997 I started my own Company, Constable Research.

Between 1997 and now I have operated in almost every business area as an Independent Strategic Advisor and Architect.

I was employed by Meta Group as an Analyst and Senior Consultant until it was taken over by  Gartner.

Because I have operated in all kinds of Businesses and Government I have a tremendous Oversight.

Find more about my network by looking at my LinkedIn profile

Experience (1997-to day) in Reverse Order

In 2012 I was hit by a severe heart-attack in combination with a cardiac arrest. seven years in 2019 later I suffered a stroke.

After a long time of revalidation I tried to work again but I am still suffering from a shortage of energy and my legs are midly paralyzes which makes it difficult to walk..

This is the reason why I have to define priorities in my life.

Since 2007 I have changed my activities from long term assignments to short term assignments.

I spend a lot of time doing research, talking with people (coaching) and writing about all kinds of subjects on my website.

I have also expanded my network in many new areas of society.

At this moment my main activity is Business Development and Coaching.

I am involved in the creation of many very interesting new companies that have the potential to beat the Big Companies in the Near Future because they are small and agile!

From april 2000 until may 2016 I was the Creator and Coordinator of the Smart Technology Network. This is a Wordwide group of experts that are active in many business-domains with the creation and implementation of Smart Technology. Examples are Smart Buildings, Smart Cities and of course Smart Healthcare (Medical Sensors).


Conclusion, Dutch Consultancy Company, Audit Strategy & Architecture

TNO, Government Research Organization, Strategy, Business Development.

Valori, Dutch Consultancy Company (120 Fte), Development Strategy & Architecture.

HOMA, Dutch Software Company,  Strategy & Architecture software to manage virtual energy plants.

Engage, Dutch software company providing a process manager, Strategy.

Roger Schank  (US), Virtual High School, Business Development.


Cordys Strategy & Business Development.

VC Business, Dutch company supporting innovation in companies, Strategy, Business Development.

Maintain, Dutch Software Test company,  Business Development.

Bureau aan Zee, Dutch Communication Company, Business Development.

Engage, Dutch software company providing a process manager, Business Development.


Advise Intellinex Collaborative Learning Environments.

UVW (Government Agency Controlling Social Security) Design and Development of a  Virtual Social Simulation Environment to support the Dutch Social Security System.

Cordys Strategy & Business Development (3 days a week).

Development of a new TV-concept based on Emotional theory (together with Endemol, Cordys & TNO).

Audit Interpay Systems-Archicture, Strategy.

Advice Interpay to sell their Highly Scalable Intelligent Router Mosaic.

Coach Management Interpay.


Advise Dutch Inland Revenue Long Term Strategy.

Design IT-Architecture Ewycksgroep.

Review Interpay Software Development Process.

Seminar SMO New Developments in Cognitive Psychology.

Review Dutch Inland Revenue Integration processes Social Security (Wet Walvis).

Seminar LAC  (Dutch Architecture Association) The Role of Abstraction in IT-Architectures.

Advise Cordys Strategy & Business Development (Long Term Assignment).

Advise Strategy Web Services Interpay (Long Term Assignment).

Advise Interpay Development Environment High Scalable Processes.


Advise NUON (Energy Business) Geographical Information Systems-Architecture and Strategy.

Advise Dutch Inland Revenue Web-Hosting.

Organization Seminar about Change-Management and Harmony.

Advise Accenture Outsourcing Strategy.

Member of IT for Humans. A group of IT-architects that want to implemented the human aspect in IT.

Development New Consultancy concept Conclusion (ER-Room).

Information-Manager Conclusion.


Advise Dutch Government Patient Participation in Healthcare (Infodrome)

Advise RABO-bank Strategy (E-Social) concerning the participation in Healthcare and Education.

Advice Dutch Inland Revenue Strategy & Architecture to automate customer tax-processes using packages.

Advise Dutch Police (XPOL), integration existing applications, development new architecture, outsourcing maintenance-departments, change-management.

Advise Dutch Inland Revenue Security Strategy & Architecture to develop an Internet Portal to support the BtB en BtC tax-processes.

Advise Dutch Inland Revenue Selection of a Package to support CRM.

Co-writer book (SMO) about new ways to influence people using Multi-player Games and TV.

Participant Dutch Government Think Tank (Infodrome) new policies concerning Health Care and Internet.

Organization Seminar about the use of metaphor in change-management.

Advise Dutch Inland Revenue Strategy E-learning.

Advise Dutch Inland Revenue Strategy Internet.

Advise Ministry of VROM (Urban development) new ways of doing strategic planning.


Search innovative ITC-companies Spherion in Europe.

Strategy Electronic Commerce Global Business Unit Telecom/CAP Gemini/Ernst & Young.

Developing new media-concepts EPC (Formula 1).

Co-Creator company using Agent-technology to support Risk-management Investment Banking (Adaptrader, New York).

Advise Electronic Commerce strategy Elsevier.

Advise developing educational content Bosch en Koening (Dutch publisher).

Strategy & Architecture Educational Content Provider using Televison & Internet (BBC, Wolters Kluwer, ..) .

Co-Creator new company (SmartEye) to provide Issue-management using workflow, scanning and optical recognition (Square, OCE) &  advanced search-technology (Muscat).

Architecture clearing-house/supply-chain-manager RABO.

Advise ABN AMRO worldwide portal-strategy & architecture.

Co-writer book  (SMO) new healthcare-system to support the disabled.

Advise Cap Gemini/E&Y new policy and architecture to attract and keep innovative employees.

Advise Pink Elephant strategy ASP’s.

Co-creator company (New Media) in the area of Digital Television.

Advise RABO business-development and innovation.

Co-creator Software Improvement Group

Advise exploiting advanced broadband technology (Internet-2, Gigaport) Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Advise Long Term Strategy Dutch Ministry of Transport.

Advise Long Term Strategy Dutch School (30.000 students) Windesheim Zwolle.

Advise Long Term Strategy Royal Dutch Union of Multimedia Organizations (KGVO).

Design Software-Architecture Woonkrant  (Dutch Publisher).

Advise outsourcing strategy computer-centres KPN (Dutch Telecom Company).

Advise strategy PQR Holding.

Advise R&D to develop new business-strategies Altuition.

Advisory-board  Trusted Third Party Internet Payment Systems (Triple Deal).

Business-development AI-company (Artificial Design) to automate design processes.


Advisor Dutch Government Strategy Healthcare.

Advisor Dutch Government Strategy Social Security.

Advisor HP Labs Product-development Appliances.

Architect Business-Intelligence-software (SmartEye) using HP’s Changengine & Agent-technology.

Advisor KLM (IT Strategy & Architecture) use of Component Based Development.

Advisor Dutch Digital Television Platform Strategy New ways to develop Multi-media content.

Advisor Dutch Government Developing educational content used in a broadband-network.

Advisor Dutch Government Strategy preventing addiction (Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling etc)

Advisor Interim Netherlands Developing new Strategy.

Advisor Trilog Second Opinion Business Development Software-Renovation.

Advisor Dutch Inland Revenue (Belastingdienst) Workflow-architecture (Using EJB).

Advisor Dutch Inland Revenue (Belastingsdienst)  Use of Distributed File-systems (DFS).

Architect New Healthcare -system (Smartcare) based on Case-Based-Reasoning.

Search Strategic (Media-)Partners Randstad (Worldwide Temporary Employment Agency).

Co-Creator new company to exploit advanced software-renovation software (Software Improvement Group) using a parsing-technology of the Centre of Mathematics & Informatics (CWI) in Amsterdam.


Member of the Board MoU Phase 2 (European Commission).

Advisor Training and Knowledge management CAP Gemini.

Advisor Dutch Government (Ministry of Education) Use of IT in the Educational System (KennisNet).

Advisor Corporate Research Strategy ABN AMRO.

Advisor HP Corporate Electronic Commerce Strategy.

Advisor Research Policy Dutch Government Research Centers TNO/CWI.

Advisor SPECS Development Development new medicine (using neural networks).

Advisor Dutch Television (Digital Television, New development approach).

Advisor TNO/CWI/Bolesian Strategy Agent-technology.

Advisor Wolters Kluwer (Strategy/Architecture Content Development).

Advisor IMRG (UK, London, Strategy Electronic Commerce).

Advisor KPN (Telecom) Strategy Electronic Commerce.

Advisor Achmea (Insurance) Strategy Electronic Commerce.

Advisor Ecclestone Holding (Digital Television & Games).


Chairman WG1 and Member of the Board Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for open access of SME in Europe (European Commission). The MoU was aimed at creating a European Infrastructure to support SME’s to make use of Electronic Commerce.

Creator CommerceNet Nederland & CommerceNet Europe.

Development Scenario’s for the Dutch Economy SMO (Think Thank Dutch Employers Association)

Advisor Electronic Commerce HP (Bristol Labs).

Advisor Knowlegde Management HP Labs Bristol.

Member Financial Issues Working Group (FIWG), DGXIII, EG, Brussels.

Member advisory-board Creation Dutch Telematics Top Institute.


Architect ABN AMRO Research Strategy Worldwide.

Manager development worldwide strategy Electronic Commerce.

Manager Development Corporate Knowledge Management/Competence Management

Member Services-panel ESPRIT in Brussels (Appointed by Dutch Government).

Creation ABN AMRO Lobby-Office in Brussels (European Commission (EC)).

Creation Y2000-company (Tool-engineering. already sold).

Member HP Corporate Advisory Board (San Francisco).

Member Advisory Board Bolesian (Expert systems).

Member advisory-board Word Wide Web-(W3C) consortium (San Fransisco).


Architect and Project management Integrated development environment/architecture MVS/AS400 (including middleware).

Architect Corporate Training-infrastructure (using network, performance support systems).


Architect and Project management Integrated development environment/architecture Client/server OS2/Windows (including middleware).

Project manager Integrated Test-environment (MVS, AS400, Client/Server).

Project manager Re-engineering Logistic (Software) Systems.

Project manager Software Renovation (Cobol II, Y2000 etc.).

Project manager/Architect R&D Software Renovation (with CWI, Amsterdam)

Project manager Implementation Lotus Notes worldwide.

Manager development worldwide R&D-strategy.

Architect User-Interaction-Design Standards & Tools

Architect/Project manager Expert-systems/Advisory-systems

Advisor ABN AMRO Venture-company.

Project-manager Introduction Object Orientation.

Creation Innovation/Patent/Subsidy-office ABN AMRO in Brussels.

Manager Subsidies ABN AMRO.


Project manager Outsourcing IT Staff (>200 fte’s).


Project manager merging IT-development-organisation (2000 fte).

Project manager Long-term IT-strategy.


Project manager Selection I-CASE tool (IEW, Knowledgeware).


Information Manager Trading

Project manager Implementation Worldwide Information Management.


Architect and Project manager Central and Decentral Information Warehouse (DB2).

Project manager Re-engineering Computer Centres.


Project management/ Architect  End-User-Computing (FOCUS)-environment.


Project management/ Architect Information-planTrading Division (the first Information-plan in the bank, BSP/IBM)


Create and Manage Security-management department. Formulate security-policy.

Project leader and architect Security-management-infrastructure (incl. Encryption etc).

Architect and Project management Data-dictionary controlled development-support environment (generator, Datamanager).


Create and Manage Data-management department.


Procurement and Project management Dealing-room-System (Autophon/Reuters).

Project manager selection of a software development-method (incl. tools) worldwide (VOLMAC).


Architect and Project management Word-wide management Euro-deposits & Country-limits (Using the GEIS-network/Fortran).


Project manager /Architect Expert system Complaint management  Dealingroom (WANG/SWIFT).


Group Manager Treasury-Management Systems (25 fte).

Architect and Project management Euro deposits system (IMS/Cobol).

Consultant Decentralization Personal Division.


Architect Personnel planning system (DEC/Fortran).


Project manager & Architect MIS Treasury management (IMS/PL1/APL).


Project leader & Architect MIS Performance-measurement domestic branch network (IMS/PL1).

Best Regards

Hans Konstapel

A list of the projects I am busy with.

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