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About Alchemy and Logic

This blog is about Logic, Alchemy and the relationship between Logic and Alchemy. Classic Logic is based on the Square of Opposition of Aristotle. This square was discussed for more than 2000 years.┬áRecently scientists detected that the Square is really a Cube. It misses an extra dimension. The Square describes ┬áthe six oppositions (“dual combinations”) of possibility (“some”, Particular Affirmative), necessity (“all”, Universal Affirmative), not-possibility (“not some”, Particular Negative) and not-necessity (“not all”, Universal Negative). Geometric Logic is a part of Modal Logic which is a part of Logic. In Geometric Logic the Linguistic Representations of Logic are mapped to … Continue reading About Alchemy and Logic

About Alchemy

When I studied Chemistry at the University of Leiden I wanted to learn more about “Ancient Chemistry“. At that time I really did not understand the Symbolism behind Alchemy. This changed a few years later when I encountered Jung. Suddenly Alchemy moved to the Social Sciences. At this moment I am convinced modern Mathematics and Physics are exploring the same issue Jung and many others Alchemists were exploring. The Material World and the Spiritual World are both based on the same principles. They only operate on different Levels. When you understand one level it is not so difficult to map … Continue reading About Alchemy