About Stress

Most of the time we Sense the world with our Expectation. A wall painted white is unlikely to be physically the same colour along its full length, especially if a bright light is shining on it, but we Think it as a white wall. We perceive the world with our knowledge from previous experience.

Our Believe System is the most Conservative System in our Body. We need the Constancy our Thinking System is creating to Survive in an Ever Changing World.  Our Believe System creates and sustains our Identity (or Personality).

Sometimes we need to Re-Act to a Life-Threatening Event. In this case the Reptile Brain takes over Control and We Act without Thinking.

The Reptile or Hind Brain is the “oldest” System in the Human Being. It was developed after the Organisms that originated in the Sea started to specialize and therefore got into a Competition.

To Survive the Competition the Organisms developed all kinds of Sensors (Eyes, Ears, Skin, Third Eye,..) and Effectors (Ways to Move, Flagellum, Muscle Fibers,  Gland Cells,..).   

When the Body is Alerted, the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) which starts in the Hypothalamus produces Adrenaline. Adrenaline accelerates the heart rate; widens the lungs and raises the blood pressure. The SNS prepares the body to Move Away (Flight) from the Emergency or to Attack the Emergency (Fight). The third way to Re-Act (Freeze) is to Hide and become Invisible.

When the State of Urgency is gone the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PSNS) produces Acetylcholine which brings the Body Back to its Normal State of Rest.

The SNS is triggered by Real Events and Imaginary Events. When we are getting Exited or Angry the Body is also prepared to Move Away from or to Attack the Emergency.  

When the Believe System Believes the Outside World is not to be Trusted,  the Body moves into a permanent State of Stress waiting for the final moment to Act.

Long Term Stress increases the output of Adrenaline that interferes with Lymphocyte Function, weakening the body”s immune defenses against infectious diseases.

Prolonged Stimuli over a certain threshold of Loudness, Brightness and Speed affect the nervous system, as do stimulants in food, drink and drugs. Further, an increase in Acidity at cellular level predisposes the body to sympathetic activity.

One way in which the body protects itself from emotional intensity is the development of Chronic Muscular Tension, which dampens down both external and internal stimuli. The Body protects itself by creating a Muscular Armor.

This Muscular Armor impairs health because it constricts and inhibits spontaneous processes in general (i.e. including feelings and thoughts), such as Breathing, the Blood Circulation and the Lymphatic Circulation, which are responsible for clearing the body of Toxins.

On the other hand, chronic parasympathetic activation, which correlates more with psychological collapse and depression, is not healthy either. Its characteristics are the opposite of chronic sympathic activation (low blood pressure, low heart rate,…).

To keep the Body Healthy the Human has to keep a delicate balance between “Real” Action and “Real” Rest. 

To get rid of all the Imaginary Actions the Believe System has to be Cleaned Daily (Enough Sleep, Meditation).


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About Fields


Look at the Sea. The sea is a system of waves. We see waves but in reality (facts) the sea is a system of small particles of water that are moving UP and DOWN, FORWARDS and BACKWARDS (a cycle). A wave is a Collective Experience. It is a representation of a System, a Field, a Whole.

Waves are bounded by the coast. The coast is a BOUNDARY. If the earth would be a system that only contains water, the water would move around the rotating globe of the earth (in a cycle) in a very simple cyclic pattern until the wave would meet itself. This simple pattern is determinated by the influence of the Moon (and The Sun). They are also in a cyclic motion.

Because of the boundaries waves interfere. The interference of the waves creates a new combined wave and the combined wave combines with other combined waves. This process goes on for ever.

Waves are moved by the WIND. Wind is a MOVEMENT (its main mover is the Sun). Air is moving UP en DOWN, FORWARDS and BACKWARDS (a cycle). Air contains many particles (also water-particles) and is another collective experience. It is again a representation of a System, a Field, a Whole

Without wind the waves calm down and the sea is tranquille (Flat). All the turbulence is gone. Sometimes we like a turbulent sea and sometimes we like a tranquille sea. It depends on our MOOD, our Emotion. Our emotion changes and it looks for RESONANCE. One field (the human being) resonates with another field (The Sea). Another Field (The wind) resonates with the Sea.

Perhaps now you understand why the original meaning of the term emotion is movement (Latin, movere). A human being is a moving field (an Emotion) that is connected to a memory.

Resonance is comparable with the term “look-a-like” or the statement “being on the same wavelength”. We resonate (feel in harmony with) something that feels like our own wave pattern. We are constantly (!) seeking for this feeling called Love, Friendship, Compassion. We are not alone in the universe. Other fields (called environment) are creating an interference.

People change because their environment (their context) changes. We communicate (speak sentences) about this with others to understand our selves.

We need the feeling of constancy (harmony, balance) and Constancy is WHAT WE ARE and WANT TO BE. Without the feeling of constancy we are lost. We will go totally mad if we can’t find any pattern in our history that is stored in our memory.

We create and (recreate) a story (a pattern) of our life that suits our purpose. Our purpose is also a pattern we create out of our memory. Purpose is a positive or negative expectation of the future. We expect things to go good or bad.

So I hope you understand (feel the resonance) that looking at the world with a FIELD-spectacle creates new opportunities. The most interesting opportunity is that we can accomplish Harmony by creating a resonating Whole (a field).

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