About Paths of Change (PoC)

I have created this specialized Blog to document the 20 years of work that I have spent playing with Paths of Change (PoC). I am not finished . Until now it contains many Pictures.Questions Ask!

A short introduction to Paths of Change.

PoC is a theory of change developed by Will McWHINNEY when he was a professor at the UCLA.

PoC consists of four so called “World Views” that are related to the human personality. World Views have diferent names in different psychological theories. Examples are archetypes (Jung) or Tattvas (India), seasons (China).

PoC contains the concept Path because every succesful change is a closed path that contains the four wprdviews.


The kondratiev Cycle (KC) has a periodicity of 52 years. This periodicity can be divided in 5 steps that were correlated by the Seasons including the 5th season sometimes called Indian Summer. The 5 steps are related to the model of Paths of Change with the 5 in the center (White).
The Bhaktin- Cycle based on PoC.

A Personal Introduction to Paths of Change.

About the last book of Will McWhinney: Grammars of Engagement.

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Growing into the Canopy by Will McWhinney.