From Tibet to Mt Karmel

In a previous blog I researched the Future of Spirituality

In this blog I try to incorporate the history of Christianity based on the analysis of Kim Veltman where I follow the path of the Magi that starts in Tibet and ends at Mt Karmel.

The Bon religion of Tibet is a very old Religion that now is almost destroyed by China.

The Bon-system is based on the reincarnation of the Creators that always created Monasteries to train the teachers that moved everywhere to teach the theory and practice.

Currently the Monasteries are created all over the world and use the newest technologie to train young and old people who want to learn how to balance their lives.

Mt Karmel

The Sermon on the Mount Carl Bloch, 1890
File:Dolaji monks.jpg

A Monasterie of the Bon.

Aphabet of Faith by Kim Veltman

Kim explains the relationship between the teaching of Jezus of the ~Essenes of Mt Karmel and the Bon Po of Tibet by explaimimg their Alphabets. The main link between Tibet to Mt Karmel are the Magi that originated in Tibet.

Who was Ezra?

Ezra came back from Babylon to restore the old Teaching.

He was the representative of the Healers and the Magi.

The essenes of the Dead Sea Scrolls where related to TsZadoc.

the Nasoreans

are a mystic group thtat link themselves to Adam Kadmon, the original human

Jezus and India

Jezus did not die but fled the Roman Empire to the South of France (Kathars) with Maria Magdalen after that he went to Kashmir.

Jesus in Kasmir


is based on the “Paranormal” powers of people that is mostly Hereditary.

The experience of the shaman is translated in theory that is teched to the pupils.

The theory is based on the Pentagle:


The pentacle is a result of applying a 3×3 Magic Square called the Lo Shu.

Practice at a Monasterie

History Bon Religion