What is The New Spirituality?

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In this blog I try to find out what is happening in the area of human Spirituality in Western Europe.

I do that by analyzing History starting at the Bronze Age after the Deluge when the Hunter Gatherers started to settle again in Big Cities.

Nag Hamadi and the Gnostic Movement

In 1945 a lot of documents out of early centuries AD were found in Nag Hamadi (Egypt).

They contained fragments of of Plato’s Republic but also showed the existence of a Gnostic Movement that was part of Christianity at that time.

During the reign of Emperor Constantine all the gnostic books were erased out of the Bible blocking Mysticism, the Personal experience of the Whole.

You willl see that the “gnostic” network is always destroyed by the powers of religion because a personal believe makes it impossible to Control the Masses.

What Religion Combines with Capitalism?

The famous Marxist Philosopher Slavoj Žižek recently came to the conclusion that Buddism is the best Religion to combine with current Capitalism. Want to know more push here.

Capitalism is one of the four possible patterns of Human relations of the Anthropologist Alan Fiske.

Buddism looks a lot like Communism he calls Comunal Sharing.

Alan Fiske Four Social Patterns

Alan fiske discovered that his relations look like the Scales in Measurement Theory that can be mapped to Geometry.

Euclidian Geometry maps to Capitalism and Projective Geometry maps to Buddism which is looking at the world with an independent Point of View .

How to define a Context?

The Russian Philosopher Mikhael Bahktin wrote about Context.

A model that shows how you can define a context based on the Logic of Aristotle the student of Plato.

Aristotle assumed a Constructor responsible for the cycle.

This not applicable to the cycle of Life because Life has no purpose,

Life is an Anticipatory System according to Robert Rosen.

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Spirit and Imagination

We are part of a Spirit of the Time where the Spirit , the power of the Imagination (not the Fantasy) is becoming very important.

This was caused by the discovery of Quantum Mechanics that showed that the world is a result of our Intention to measure where measure is not done by an instrument but with the Senses that are connected to the Imagination.

Our Imagination Creates our Reality.

The Very long time Cycles show that in 1950 we got into a situation that also happened 1250 years ago, the creation of a new Religion (Islam).

Around 550 BC ,1250 years before that time, the same happened now called the Axial Age.

Precession Cycle

The Zodiac is very old. It is he circle of twelve divisions of celestial longitude that are centred upon the Ecliptic – the Path of the Sun.

It can be seen in the Cave of Lascaux and was used to determine the exact place of Heliopolis, the center of Science of the World.

A precession-cycle takes 25.800 years. One Age takes 2150 years = 43 Kondratievs.

We are at a very special Turning point, the start of a new Cycle with the Constellation of Aquarius.

Aquarius is Throwing the water (of Life (Prana) in the Milky Way in which the Fish of Pisces Float away.

the End of Pisces is the end of Duality

We are ending the Age of Pisces, the time of Roman Christianity.

Pisces represents Dualism symbolized by a Fishing Hook.

Buddism Fusion Duality->Emptiness

The Axial Age (550 BC) shows the rise of Buddhism (Philosophy) all over the Western world.

The roots can be found on the Northern Steppes of Iran were the Shamans, the people with paranormal abilities created a clan called the Magi.

Buddha was well known in the East and the West because the big civilizations communicated using the Silk Roads.

It looks like Buddha was a Scythian Royal just like Homer and is the same person as Loa Tse.

Where do the Magi come from?

The Magi are the Keepers of Time and Culture and come from a very old Civilisation living in the Steppes that connect East (China) and the West (Hungary).

They are known as the Scyntians in ancient Histories.

The Magi were called Druids in Celtic Culture.

Religion as an Instrument of Control

to control the Masses and their own Elite Rulers always use Religion in an opportinistic way.

Christianity used by the Roman Empire looks a lot like the cult of Zoroaster based on the cult of Mitrash used by the Persian Empire.

Buddha protested against religion in his time.

the Teachings of Zarathustra contain the Foundation of Western and Eastern Religions

The Kurts come from Northen Iran. The Dervish aleaders re are Magi.

Zoroaster and Christianity:

The religion of Zoroaster was transformed by the Roman Emperor Constantine into Christianity because it was the only way to keep the support of his Soldiers.

Many times in history people like the Buddha opposed the Central power and were killed. Buddha was sent into exile.

Gomparable “Magi” are Gordiano Bruno (1548-1600) and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz.(1647-1714).

The Virtues of Plato

Plato was as philosopher trained in Egypt at the major “university” of the Silk Roads at Heliopolis.

Plato was a famous athlete and one of his theories is that Sports are the best way to prepare for the Game of Life.


He developed a theory of four Virtues that look a lot ike the Archetypes of Jung that came from his analysis of Alchemy, the art of the Imagination.

The most important virtue is Wisdom.

Wisdom is the result of Reflection on our Actions and the Value they provide for Others.

What is the Human Potential?

The Human Potential is explored in Para-Psycology.

Christopher Robinson, The Premonition Man.

Axial Age from Myth -> Philosophy (Reasoning)

550 BC is called the Axial Age by Carl Jaspers.

The axial Age is the transformation from Mythic culture to Philosophic cultures (through the invention of Writing).

Life of Buddha

Buddha and LaoTse are the same person.

the Teaching of Lao Tse (“the Buddha”) are put into the Tao Te Ching

Teachings of Buddha:

Plato: The Ratio controls the Good and the Bad part of the Body:

The Ratio drives the Chariot (Body) pulled by the Ego (Black) and the Imagination (Self White).

The allegory of the Chariot is from the Phaedrus of Plato.

The Six Tensions

There are two tensions called Agency and Communion, being All-one and in Control and looking for others to become One.

In the Middle there is no tension.

The two applied to the two makes Four and a Middle (the Singularity) being the Fifth.

The four create 12+1 combinations visible in the Zodiac.

Every combination is a game with a specific Role.

To change you have to rotate and move trough all the four Views on the World.

>1950: A new Period of Expansion (Space) and Reversal of Rotation

The Cycle gets its Energy out of the Crnter (White)

The next Turning Point was in 1950 and starts a period of Technological Expansion (red) and a Reversal of the rotation to a Generating cycle,

A reversal of the cycle means the adoption of a different Life-cycle.

Control Variables

The cycle above is controlled by two complementary variables called Agency and Communion

Both states can be too High or too Low.

When communion is too high it is is called Dependent (Green) and when Agency is too high it is called Paranoia (Blue).

There are four combinations now called Power, Conflict, Game (Play) and Cooperation.

The model of Interpersonal Theory

The model of Anti-fragility by Nassim Taleb.

The four Geometries of Paths of Change

The same model with corresponding geometries.

Bahktin: Chronotope: new Myths

Mikhael Bahktin developed the theory of the Chronotope

He believed we will enter a new Mythical stage. Star Wars, Avatar are examples.


The next step is Global Brain.

Global brain is not a technology but a result of Parapsychology and a possibility of humans to Share and Coordinate on a “higher level”.

To do that we have to learn a lot otherwise the problems that destroyed Atlantis will come back.

Capitalism and the Relational Model of Alan Fiske

Model Paths of Change (PoC)

The Cross represents the whole (White)

Relational Model of Alan Fiske related to PoC


Sensory, Red: Market Pricing: Capitalist

Mythic,Yellow:Equality Matching Liberal

Unity: Blue Authority RankingConservative

Social Green Communal Sharing Socialist/Communist Buddist

This picture shows the “business-cycle where the Artist a person with insight and creativity plays the important role as the innovator.

Here you also can find the roles in Celtic Society where the artist was the druid, a wise person.

He or she is also the same person as Plato selected as the Politician, a Wise person who had seen everything and was able to Eeflect.

The relations of Alan Fiske look like the Scales in Measurement Theory.

the Three Treasures:

Here are my three treasures. Guard and keep them!
The first is Pity [compassion, love, kindness];
the second, Frugality [economy, not-wasting];
the third, Refusal to be “foremost of all things under heaven”. For only he that pities is truly able to be brave;

Only he that is frugal is able to be profuse.
Only he that refuses to be foremost of all things
Is truly able to become chief of all Ministers.

The four worldviews of PoC projected on a city.

The four worldviews of Poc connected with the pattern of Panarcy.

Panarchy Pattern

Slavoj Zizek: What is the Best Religion for Capitalism?

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Western religion comes fromZarathustra in Persia and comes from the Shaman of the tribes that travelled the steppes between Hungary and China.

The steppes were the most important Silk Road of the Ancient times and connected the old civilizations of the West and the East.

The Buddha was well known all over the “world” with Different names including Lao Tse.

He was a Prince of the Scytians just like Homer.

The practice of the Buddha comes back in the Gnostics and is always destroyed by the Rulers who dont like Personal Spiritualism and Communal Sharing.

Communal Sharing = Buddism

When I discovered that Alan Fiskes relationship pattern of Communal Sharing looks like or is Buddism and I found the three Treasures of Buddism it all fell in place even the link to the Euclidian Geometry and Projective Geometry.

Buddism is looking at the world with a independent Point of View , being Frugal (controlling the Ego who wants to have ) and being Empathic and Humble (Emotions, green).

How to describe a Context with an Open Mind:

Capitalism -> Looking Through a Square Frame.

Euclidian Geometry is narrow minded because it Restricts the eye to a 2 Dimensional fixed (Standardised Frame.

It also restricts our View to a Horizon.

It all has to with the fact that the Earth is a Globe.

In Euclidian geometry parallel lines cross at the horizon.

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OM on the Steppes of Siberia

Kim Veltman researched the Sacred Alfabeths of the World and discovered a very ancient Siberian Civilization close to Omsk where OM is the original vibration of the universe.. It is the ancient civilization hat the Norse called Asgard described in Wagners Rheingold.



Russia is in the middle between West and East.

The war in Ukraine is a war between Russia and the Us for Hegemony.


It is the war of Armageddon, the war that ends all wars because their is nothing left but rubble and people on the run to the West which is Germany.

Again Russia is fighting the Nazi’s who have tried to become the opposite but here the opposite turns into itself.