How to Stabilize the Immunesystem

Immunologist prof. dr. Huub Savelkoul of Wageningen university stated that: “EMF treatment can lead to enhanced innate resistance”.

The immune-sytem Activator is produced by

The Immunesystem.

The First part of this Blog is written in English. The last part is written in Dutch.

Experiments with exposure to a specific type of ElectroMagnetic field have shown that immune cells have increased activity levels after exposure.

The strength of the field has to be low because a strong field caused by our mobile network has a negative impact on the immune system.

The quality of the Immunesystem is dependent on Age and Lifestyle.

There is a simple cheap and tested way to measure the quality of the immunesystem. This system is based on BioPhotons.

Smoking, Alcohol, loneliness, poor nutrition, stress and old age weakens the system.

Instead of a Biological Vaccine we could use an Electro Magnetic Vaccine to re-Activate the immune-system.

Cells produce Light.

This light is called a Biophoton. The quality of the immunesystem shows itself in the quality of the biophoton-production. When your immunesystem is down you need MagneticTherapy.

History of Magnetic Therapy.

Magnetic therapy dates as far back as the ancient Egyptians. Magnets have long been believed to have healing powers associated with muscle pain and stiffness.

Chinese healers as early as 200 b.c. were said to use magnetic lodestones on the body to correct unhealthy imbalances in the flow of chi or life-energy. The ancient Chinese medical text known as The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine describes this procedure.

When the first cosmonauts and astronauts were going into space, physicians noted that they experienced bone calcium loss and muscle cramps when they were out of the Earth’s magnetic field for any extended period of time. After this discovery was made, artificIal magnetic fields were placed in the space capsules.

Research in Magnetic Therapy.

When you search the Internet with the terms “magnetic Field” and “immune system” you will see that Low Frequency Fields have a healing effect.

For a list of References see the end of this Blog.

Corona (COVID-19) infections can be reduced in severity (quicker, easier recovery, less hospitalisations, less ICU admittance, less mortality) and infectiousness (lower R) by making the immune system react faster and stronger early in the infection.

The virus gets less chance and time to grow exponentially and the infection is kept smaller and easier to eradicate.

Both infectious disease and auto immune disease are linked to insufficient activity of the primary immune system.

Many of the diseases in these categories have no satisfactory treatment and cause significant suffering, healthcare cost and -workload.

Sometimes the Immune-system can get in an overdrive called a Cytokine Storm. cytokines are small proteins released by many different cells in the body, including those of the immune system where they coordinate the body’s response against infection.

The primary immune system has three functions:

  • 1)  to decrease the growth of infections in the period before the secondary immune system kicks in,
  • 2)  to detect pathogens, break them up and produce cytokines and antibodies that activate and direct the secondary immune system,
  • 3)  to clean-up the debris after a successful immune reaction so that auto-immune disease is prevented.

The Activator is a small, low cost medical device that activates the primary immune system of patients to respond much faster to infections and to clean-up immune debris better.

Our device is without risks or side effects, suitable for home and practice settings.

Faster response helps to fight and prevent infectious disease, and better clean-up helps reduce auto immune disease.

The technology addresses high volume medical problems, urgent for patients and physicians alike, making it valuable for society and attractive for business and governments.

Experiments with exposure to a specific type of electromagnetic field have shown that:

  • immune cells have increased activity levels after exposure
  • mortality in animals suffering from infectious disease decreases by a factor 2.5: from 50% after 17 days to 20%.
  • feed conversion and therefore productivity in broiler chicken increased (probably due to enhanced health) by more than 20%.

The mechanisms that are expected to play a role in this activation of the immune system are universally present in all vertebrae animals, including fish, all farm animals and humans.”

Applications of this effect can include:

  • treatment of infectious disease in situations where antibiotics are ineffective, undesired or too expensive;
  • prevention of infectious disease in risk situations or risk periods.

Products that support such applications (treatment probably 30 minutes per week)can include:

  • a small treatment box for an individual human,
  • an optional component to be included in feed stations or milking stations for cattle
  • installations for mass treatment in fish farms, poultry farms or other meat production facilities.

Markets for such products are expected to develop in human medicine, fish farms, farms with high value animals such as dairy cows, and in meat production facilities.

Market development will be supported by an ever growing disease pressure in high density populations, decreasing effectiveness and increasing cost of antibiotics and the threat of epidemics. Market size will be large, at least several 100 Million euro.

A device can be produced for 50$ that can treat 1500 people per week (30 minutes times 10 persons times simultaneously) and run on a car battery or AC taking less than 5 Watts.

Ideal for Low and Middle Income Countries.

It will work for other infections and future pandemics, never generate bacterial resistance and also be effective for other (including resistant bacterial) infections.

Besides immune-system activation Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) has showed a lot of applications in many area’s of the body. including Wound healing, Pain reduction, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Depression, Immune Stimulation for milder, Urinary tract infection, Acné inversa and other Serious Skin diseases, Immune Stimulation for milder and less Inflammatory bowel diseases, including Crohn and Colitis Ulcerosa rtc. etc..

Please help us finish the device engineering and, run a clinical trial. We are looking for investors that are not looking for the big money although there is a lot money to make.

In this case we want to invest a part of the eprofit in to a dedicated R&D-Unit linked to Universities, Hospitals, Animal breaders and other Users of the technology. We believe that the Electro Magnetic Field has a lot to offer to Mankind.

Dutch Text:

Theorie over het Immuunsysteem:
Prof Savelkoul Over het Immuunsysteem en het Coronavirus

Doel en werking van een vaccin zijn het vroegtijdig op gang brengen van een immuunrespons waardoor de infectie klein blijft en snel en makkelijk opgeruimd kan worden.

Dat leidt tot mildere of geen ziekteverschijnselen, en minder ziekenhuisopnames en lagere mortaliteit.

Een goed werkend immuunsysteem kan het coronavirus volledig blokkeren:

Invloed van het Magnetische Veld:

Twintig jaar Onderzoek bij de Mens (humaan) en praktijkervaring in veehouderij aat zien dat eenzelfde effect als een vaccin of medicatie bewerkstelligd kan worden door het primaire immuunsysteem te activeren, harder en sneller te laten reageren (zie referenties/ onderzoek Savelkoul).

Het immuunsystem wordt geactiveerd middels een kleine elektromagnetische stimulus die door geïnduceerde spanningen in cellen een lichte stress op cellen zet, te weinig voor negatieve effecten, maar wel voldoende om cellen te stimuleren tot productie van cytokines die het immuunsysteem ‘aan’ zetten.

De activator is een klein apparaat met toepassing in zowel ziekenhuis, huisartsenpraktijk maar ook thuis.

Hoe staat het er nu voor met de Activator?

Het apparaat is in de praktijk uitgeprobeerd en wordt in productie genomen zodra er voldoende kapitaal is gevonden.

Maatschappelijk betrokken investeerders zijn welkom.

Interesse neem contact op met Hans Konstapel, Tunicaduin 2318 XE Leiden, T 071 5231126, M: 06 53843188.


Over de Veerkracht. van ons lichaam en waarom uiteindelijk de zaak enorm in de war raakt en er zelfs eiweitten zijn die de troep weer opruimen.


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