Exploring the Wheels and Mirrors of the Universe: From E8 to 8tonions.

This blog explores the role that Symmetry plays and can play in the creation of System Architectures and Theories Of Everything.

Rhe basic geometry is the Trinity.

Light, the Carrier of Symmetry

The photon is the building block of every particle.

The theory of the Big Bang is created because the scientists deduced an expanding universe out of the light they saw coming out of the universe.

This is an observation and not a Law.

Space is Relational : Points connected by Lines

Space is a changing Location in a 3D-Space.

The change is detected by observing other locations that are different.

The change is correlated with another location that changes periodically (“Sun“).

Space is a Set of Points that are connected by Lines.

Broken Symmetry

The transformation of the Big Bang to today makes is neccesary to assume many Symmetry-Brakes.


The observation of the Universe fits in a simple model based on Rotations that rotate and a simple constraint that assumes that the sums in the universe sum up to Zero.

Everybody can make a very complex pattern out of adding the same at the beginning and the end of 1=1.

Parts: Physics, Symmetry, Architecture.

The first part of this blog is mainlly about the relationship between Physics and the Mathematics.of Symmetry with a focus on the E8Symmetry.

Later the link between E8 and the Octonions is explored.

The Octonions are a special imaginary Numbersystem where the Numbers are Spirals.

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E8 Symmetry

The first part of this blog emphasizes the famous E8 Symmetry that was already known in the Cultures of the South of the Earth a long time before the Ancient Civilizations arose in the East.

E8 is one the most Symmetric systems in Mathematics.

It possibly explains all the static laws in Physics but certainly not the outcomes of these Laws.

The laws in Physics are persistent Observations of humans and not “Eternal Truths“.

They change when the Spirit of the Time Changes.

very Long Cycle

Currently the times are changing because of the beginning of a new very long cycle taking 25.800 years.


In this cycle the Imagination becomes more important than the Mind.

The imagination is able to control the Dual of our Universe.

The Laws of Physics

The Principle of Least ACTION (P.o.L)

A candidate for an Eternal law could be the Principle of Least Action.

It shows that actions always use the Shortest Path in terms of time or Distance where the speed is almost always the Speed of Light (Photon) which is dependent on the Medium (air, water, emptiness) and where the photons are the basic building block of all the interactions where a photon (0) is the result of a fusion of Matter (+) and Anti-Matter (-) where matter and anti-matter are the same moving with and against time.

Leibniz: Best of Possible Worlds (B.o.P.W.)

The P.o.L chooses the “best” action out of the many Possible Actions

and is therefore a variant of the principle of Best of Possible Worlds (B.o.P.W) that was formulated by Leibniz and later by

Kolmogorov and Chaitin as a result of the

From IT to BIT Theory of John Wheeler

that shows that the most essential parts of the Universe are Random meaning thet they cannot be compressed to a smaller Algorithm that represents the Action.


The universe has multiple histories.

The actual reality is the combination of all Possible realities that coexist in a superposition in the possible realm of our world. 

It  constantly emerges due to the Interactions of all possibilities


The 5P-model is a combination of Paths of Change (PoC) and the Chinese Sheng-cycle and Modal Logic and Alchemy .

It is a Pentagonal Fractal model generated out of a Magic Square called the Lo Shu.

The magic Square describes the Constraints of the Universe.

Cycle Generator

The pentagonal Sheng Cycle is yhe result of the movement of a fractal pattern where evey step is a independent direction in space-time. The energy of the movement comes from the fusion of Plan and Practice and Imagination and Emotions.

Universal Constraints

The principle of Least Action is an example of a Universal Constraint.

Just like the constraint of Nilpotence that Peter Rowland found when he tried to unify all laws of nature.


It explains our Universe as a Sytem that always comes back to Nothing.

Peter also found the Machine that runs the Universe.

It is a very special machine that rewrites ist own code where the code is based on the Octonions (i,j,k,).

The octonions are complex numbers of a higher dimension that look like spirals.

QED: Symmetric Particles and Energy

Energy can be positive or negative.

negative energy moves back in Time.

Matter and Anti-matter

The word anti generates a symmetry.

Matter (->) and Anti-Matter(<-) exist and are Annihilated when they are fused (1+-1=0) create a photon, (a moving ->.0).

Every combination of arrows,points and lines exist as long as nilpotency is sustained.

A new linear theory of light and matter

the Path of Light is a Mobius Ring.

Feynman Diagrams

are a Pictorial representation of the Mathematical expressions describing the behavior and interaction of subatomic particles.

Quantum Electro Dynamics describes how Light and Matter interact. 

QED can be described as a perturbation theory of the electromagnetic quantum vacuum.

What is a Particle?

From It to Bit

Data (Information) is compressed and expanded comparable to Making a theory and Using a theory.

Leibniz: Priciple of Sufficient Reason

Leibniz formulated the Principle of Sufficient Reason that was later taken over by Kolmogorov and Chaitin.

It explains the complexity of an Object as the shortest computer program (in a predetermined programming language) that produces the object as output.

It is the result of endlesss converging compression with an special algorithm that makes the producer of the object a simple computerprogram .that cannot be Compressed, an Essential program.

An essential program is random.

Sthephen Wolfram: Cellular Automata-> Multi Computation

Performed Experiments with essential programs now called Cellular Automata with his own generator called Mathematica.

From Thinker ->Calculator ->Computer -> Meta Simulator

Multicomputation: A Fourth Paradigm for Theoretical Science
Stephen Wolfram explains his plans.

Symmetry is a result of the classification of the shared observation of events and is therefore still a result of the Imagination.


From E8 -> Octonions, Spiraling Spirals

Vermilion Cliffs National Monument

Ancient Drawings in Rocks always contain Spirals.

the E8 and Ancient African Spirituality

In my last blog I tried to find out what the Spirituality of the Future is about.

The North (cold)

I found out that our current western spirituality comes from the shaman of he Northern Steppes between Hungary and China.

Around 2000 I got a lot of information about the Origins of Egypt.

The South (hot)

The Egyptian Civilization comes from the Yoruba Culture

gyptian soldiers from Hatshepsut’s expedition to the Land of Punt as depicted from her temple at Deir el-Bahri.

12,000 years ago, The Ancestors of the Egyptians, the Yoruba knew that the knowledge-patterns of 8 binary choices giving 2^8 = 256 = 16×16 possibilities could act as an Oracle.

Currently Heuristics, a recent innovation of Psychology. believes the same.

The Yoruba culture travelled with the Slaves all over the world but also reached China with the Silk-roads.

In China the pattern turned into the I-Tjing. The I tjing is 1/4 Simpler (64 Possibilities).

E8-symmetry (Static)

Geometry Symmetry E8 4 21 polytope Point, a5 size, angle, triangle, symmetry png

E8-symmetry basic pattern

Symmetries can be made with two standard transformations Rotation and Reflexion. In the picture you see many Reflection lines.

Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra

When you watch the video below you will see the pattern above left to the tesselation emerge.

It can be found by close inspection of the pattern of the tessellation.

To help you to oreintrate I have colored the Square in the middle Light blue.

The big problem with the E8-symmetry is that it is too symmetric possibly encompassing every symmetry you can imagine,

Dynamic Pattern E8

When you watch this video you will see the patterns of the ~E8 emerge.

E8-Symmetry explaned by Garett Lisi

Garrett Lisi claimed to be the detector of the E8-pattern.

This not true. It was Toni Smith. This is an extensive video.

E8-symmetry explained by Tony Smith

This is a difficult book.

Quaternions and Octonions

The Quaternions and higher order complex patterns were found around 1840 and became immensely popular.

Quaternions and their higher orders are Rotations in n-Dimensional space (f.i. Octonions, 8 dimensions) that share a very special mathematical feature. They are Noncommutative.

James Maxwell used them to develop a Theory of Everything.

This development was stopped by Heaviside who promoted Vectors. This made physics highly Complex.

Currently they are in a come back because they can be used to fuse the four forces also in 8 dimensions.

The two PDF’s below are from Peter Rowlands and his collaborators who also detected the way the Universe oprates as a Turing Machine with a nilpotent constraint.

Nature’s Symmetry Breaking

A perfect symmetry between 4 parameters means that only the properties of one parameter need be assumed. The others then emerge automatically like kaleidoscopic images. 

The representations also suggest that 3-dimensionality is a fundamental component of the symmetry. 

In the first, we represent the four parameters, Space, Time, Mass and Charge, by concentric circles, arbitrarily choosing the identity element as occupying the centre circle.

Each circle is then divided into three sectors, with the properties / antiproperties identified by different primary / secondary colours.

A reversal of these could be taken as representing the Dual group.

The totality in each sector always adds to zero (represented by white).

The Laws of Nature are explained by a Duality between Continue <-> Discrete or , Space <.> Movement .

Physical Law Describes the Phenomenon that Controls the Observation, The Human, the Observer.

Larson developed a complete physics by making a distiction between Space and Movement, (ds dt), the Change of Space we call Time,

Combination of Combinations

In my blogs about Design I used a model called Combogenesis, a Combination of Combination and Genesis.It all comes down to Light (Quanta).

Light is the most Symmetric particle in the Universe. It combines with Everything.

Biology: What is Life?

Robert Rosen tried to define what Life is about.

He discovered that the Logic of Causality of Aristotle the pupil of Plato cannot be applied to Life because he

uses the process of Making of a Material Object as an Analogy.

Robert Rosen detected that Life has no Maker and therefore has no Purpose (Why, Final cause).

Communion -<-.-> Communi-cation

Communication is meant to let the “partners”, become one and is therefore not only an exchange of containers that contain Symbols (“Conduit Metaphor“). .

Comunication is meant to coordinate activities by sharing the experience of the impact of the action to improve the actions (“Toolmaker Metaphor)..


Four Points-of-View that are an Opposite. In-sight vs Out-sight, Whole vs Part.

Order <- . -> Chaos

Order and Chaos are opposites with a middle, the Edge of Chaos.

The . in the middle is the center of balance, 0.

The Arrows are a Process with many names, Compressing, Expansion or

Agency ,Being One or Communion, Becoming One.

Objective Design (OD)

Objective design is a way to Design systems in which I have inorporated the theory of Anti-fragility of Nassim Taleb.

In this blog I want to use the complementary relation Agency and Communion to define the patterns of OD.

This relation looks like Matter / Anti-matter and also produces Light (Insight) when they are fused.

Therefore I can reuse the theories of Particle Physics and the simplifications by Richard Feynmann (Feynmann-diagrams)

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Walter Russell received an inspiration from what he called the Eternal One.

The model of Russell is a Pendulum.

That’s why Control and Desire Expand and Compress, Spiral in and Spiral out.

The model used is Paths of Change (with the same colors all over this blog).

Agency and Communion are now called Control and not-control (Desire).

When they are voided the energy (Light) turms into Insight (Spirit) and the Action Potential of the E-motions are filled with its energy (Inspiration)

Context in E8

Here you see he Blue Square in the middle of the E8-symmetry.

Below you see the blue square in the middle of the E8-tessalation as a Context model related to four Human “organs the Emotions (green),

the Mind (blue),

the Senses (red) and

the Imagination(yellow)

The “bigger” picture is the model of the Heart Chakra.

the Four Causes of Pythagoras

Are projected in a model of the four Organs and the related questions Why What, ~Who, When, How.

The picture shows that the mind moves Up and the Emotions come Down (Feet on Earth).

The picture shows where the ideal Point of View is situated.:

With your Feet on the Ground

Facing the facts, where a fact is an Event.

More in this blog.

Chakra’s -> Wheels -> ROTAR

This picture was created for the Rotary.

The upper and lower blood-ciculation of the Heart connects Mind and Body with the Heart (Green) in the Center.

Observe that ROTAR of Rotary is a permutation of TORA and TAROT.

Observe that a Pernutation is a GGeometric characteristic of Communal Sharing , one of the Four Universal Relationship-patterns of the Anthropologist Alan Fiske.

The patterns are related to Ideologies and Measument Scales.

Alan Fiske Relationship Patterns

The Business cycle as a combination of Social Networks desrcribed by the cycle of Paths of Change.

The four Relationship-patterns of Alan Fiske related to Ideologies and Measurement Scales.

Seal of Solomon

The Seal of Solomon

Model of Paths of Change(PoC) with its six Paradoxes

Paths of Change can be created by combining just 2 (a Duality) Variables called Agency and Communion in Interpersonal Psychology

Rhe four Points of View are highly related to the Archetypes of Carl Jung can be generated by combining the two Variables where Agency/Communion is different from Communion/Agency, AgencyxAgency=gency and CommunionxCommunion = Communion.

Poc contains 12 “Boxes” with 4 diffrent Colors with 8 different white Arrows pointing in 8 different Directiions.

Look at the picture above of The E8.

Agency and Communion

Communion and agency are the fundamental dimensions (i.e., the Big Two) in Social Cognition.

The primacy of the Big Two is linked to the Actor (All-one)versus Observer of An-other,

or We vs They

or I (Self) vs Ego.

As you can see in the chapters before  the four Human types can be related to Physical Types but also to many other types that are dualities.


An Architecture has always contain the four complementary colors (or Points of View) and Rotate with or against the clock and always return at the point twhere the iteration was started.

You can take the middle of the cross as a point of the square creating a pentacle where the Cross represents the Observer, Centre, Middle etc.

You can many examples of well kwown cycles for instance the seasons or a buiness cycle smd use your own terminology.

Pattern of the Seasons (with the Sun in the middle)

Model of the Seasons

Elements of the Seasons with the Sun in the Middle

Model of the Seasons with the Elements of Aristotle

Model of Path of Change with the Four Directions

Chinese Cheng Cycle

Pyramid of Maslow

Flourishing happens in the Summer


System Architecture