Why AnticiPating Systems will Save the World

This blog is about Anticipating Systems, a concept invented by the biologist Robert Rosen.

Anticipating or Heuristic Systems are the opposite of the Analytic Reactive Systems we currently build.

Reactive systems are Destructive.

This blog is a follow-up of my dutch blog about Old Software systems (Legacy).

Part 1 Life is a Recursive system

Part 2: What are anticipating systems?

Part 3 Creativity is the driver of Anticipating Systems

Part 4 Conclusion.

Cycle of Alchemy

Part 1: The History of Life is AutoCatalytic

Recently I wrote about the History of Life on earth.

Cognitive vs Chemical

I discovered that we are not Cognitive but Autokatalytic Chemical Systems meaning that we are recreating ourselves with a high Frequency but we also recreate our environment to Survive with a much Lower frequency.

Shared Bodyplan

I also discovered that almost all of the Organism’s share the same Body Plan.

This means that even Bacteria feel pain and have Emotions.

Felt Sense

Eugene Gendlin nalyzed mental therapies and discovered that the origins are in the Body he called a Felt Sense.

When you find the felt sense it will tell you everything you need to know,

Rotating Rotations:

The human body plan can be explained by two contra-rotating cycles with a center connected by one of the four rotating parts we call the heart.

The Seven Sisters of the Pleiades with the Mother Goddess Maya in the Center.

Cooperative Cooperative

Organisms are a combinations of cooperative combinations beginning at the Nano level of the Vacuum.

They also use the same Chemical Signals to Start and Stop Growing.

More important is that they share the same Bioelectrical Field (Biofield).

Biofield vs DNA

This field creates the Form of the organism and not the DNA.

The DNA is only responsible for the parts of Basic Machinery of the Cell, the Peptides.

Earth Electro-Magnetic Field.

The Biofield also shows how important our Earth Electro-Magnetic field is and how dangerous the strong E/M-field of our Mobile Phones are.

They influence our Immune-system.


The biologists Humberto Maturana and Francisco Varela called the self-maintaining chemistry of living cells an Autopoiesis.

The concept of Self-Repoduction ( Autopoiesis) was taken over by the German Sociologist Niklas Luhmann.


The Pilosophical Dualistic concepts like Subject and Object, Material and Ideal, Being and non-Being created by Descartes are not needed to describe an Autopoiesis.

Self-Organization vs Control

If a system is self-repoducing like all systems of Life are it is very difficult to control its change without destroying the consistency of the Whole.

Repair and Illness

This happens very often leading to Complex Repair-processes often creating new problems now called Wicked Problems.

Watch out this interview is in German use the automatic translator.

Activator and Inhibitor

In Every part of the universe we find the same principle of creation and not-creation (Inhibiting, destruction) to prevent unlimited Expansion.

Fluctuation Frequency

Going in- and out of action happens with a certain frequency

Balance in Sum or Union

Everywhere in the Universe the system is keeping balance by or maintaing a Zero sum of the Measurable quantities or a Logical union of the used concepts hat are Complementary.

Analytic vs Heuristic

Humans, along with other organisms, utilize two types of models: those created through reasoning (Analytical Models) and those formed through intuition (Heuristic models).

Embedded Cognition

Our Intuition also called Insight or even Wisdom is embedded in our Body as George Lakoff proved when he tried to find out why language-translators don’t work. We use Metaphors to map one domain of Experience onto another domain.

Part 2: Anticipating Systems

A Baby is an anticipating system who’s body knows that the mother will provides the food that is needed.


Nature is a Flow System

Alfred North Whitehead’s process philosophy was a philosophy of nature that described nature as a continuous flow of processes, rather than a collection of objects.


He called this process “creativity”.


Alfred North Whiteheadwas influenced by

Emmanuel Kant: Knowledge is not only based on our senses, but also on our prior knowledge.

Friedrich Hegel: Hstory is a process of evolution, in which new ideas and concepts emerge from older ideas and concepts.

Charles Sanders Peirce:  Logic and Language are not just means of communicating knowledge about the world, but also play an active role in the Creation of reality.

William James: Knowledge is based on Experience, and that there is no Absolute truth.

Henri Bergson: Bergson Time is a fundamental property of reality, and that it is not just a linear progression, but also a dynamic process of change.


Whitehead tried his whole life to restore the split between Body and Mind of Rene Descartes who was hired by the Bankers of Venice and Amsterdam to reverse the return of the Spirit in the Renaissance.

Power of the Imagination

The bankers were afraid that the power of the Imagination that creates our Reality would break their power to control over the Slaves they later needed in the Factories and the Consumers to buy rhe products.

Worldwide Disaster

When you look around you can see that unfortunately they succeeded with a potential world-wide disaster as a possible consequence.

Four Causes

The important point can be found in the four causes of Aristotle where the final Why-Question discusses the Purpose of the Maker.

Making Capitalism

Robert Rosen found out that the concept of the independent maker was put into the philosophy of Aristotle and violated the philosophy of his teacher Plato who believed in the Idea and the Imagination.

If Life was created to reproduce you don’t need a Maker.

Neo Proces Physics

Process and Reality

About the Cosmology of Whitehead tried to explain to his colleagues in the University that the current Physicists still don’t believe.


An Anticipatory System (AS)is a system that contains an Internal predictive model of itself and its environment, which allows it to change state at an instant in accord with the model’s predictions pertaining to a later instant;

An example is the Immune-system.

An AS is a Feedforward System:

When does the system take action?Before a change happensAfter a change happens
How does the system know what to do?It uses a predictive model of the futureIt uses information about the past
What is the goal of the system?To anticipate change and make decisions accordinglyTo respond to change and maintain stability

Future influences the Past

AS challenges the Newtonian paradigm by acknowledging that Future states can influence the Present.


Mihai Nadin one the last living collaborators of Robert Rosen.

Combining four Theories

1 The Panarchy model provides a cyclical view of organizational resilience, where Growth, Conservation, Release, and Reorganization follow one another in response to changes and disruptions.
2 Niklas Luhmann sees organizations as Autopoietic systems that self-reproduce through communication and interactions.
3 Anticipating systems emphasizes that organizations can proactively anticipate future events and prepare for expected changes in their environment.
4 Antifragility suggests that organizations can become stronger by embracing uncertainty and welcoming minor disruptions.


Panarchy is a theory of a group scientists around CS Holling about an Ecology.

An Organization and a Country are an ecology.


An ecology always moves through Four phases (Quaternion) that relate to the four phases of Paths of Change and the four Archetypes of Jung.

In the picture below you see how an ecology sometimes jumps to a Higher level (Revolt) or a lower level (Remember) when the Frequency of the panarchy-cycle speeds up or slows down.


You can also see in the picture that the cycle Reproduces itself and is


when it moves from the state of Surprise (Yellow, Creativity) to Reorganization (Revolt).


In this case it is also AntiFragile.

If you want you can also apply the (Communication) theory of Niklas Luhmann.

Growth: Organizations focus on Efficiently utilizing available resources and established Communication patterns to maintain their operations and identity.

Conservation: Organizations maintain their identity by emphasizing continuity and reinforcing their established Norms and Values through communication.

Release (Surprise) : to release and let go of outdated communication patterns enables the organization to embrace Creative Destruction and explore new avenues for self-reproduction.

Reorganization: to reorganize communication processes facilitates the organization’s emergence into a new equilibrium, setting the stage for continued self-reproduction and future growth.

Part 3: The Future of Anticipation

Creativety and Creation

It is clear that the main issue in this blog is Creativity or Creation.

Fusion: Bisociation

Arthur Koestler defined Creativitity in The Act of Creation“ (1964) as a Bisociation, a Fusion of two seperate fields. of “thinking”.

Conceptual Blending

Much later (2002) Gilles Fauconnier & Mark Turner (The Way We Think) proved that Koestler was right.

They called the principle of “bisociation” Conceptual Blending.

Metaphors We live By

They made use of the research of George Lakoff and Mark Johnston (Metaphors We Live By (1980), Philosophy in the Flesh(1999)).

Mapping Senses <->Body

A metaphor is a Mapping of a fundamental mostly Bodily Experience to another Experience in another Domain.

An example is a Perception of the Senses of an Event we now call a Fact.

Embedded Cognition

Because we share the same body, the bodily experiences are independent of culture.

The most fundamental experience is related with the earliest experiences like Standing Up.

Up is Important

That is why why Up is more important than Low.

Basic Metaphors

Lakoff and his team discovered foundational metaphors that are found in the experience of the body like the Container metaphor.

Frame ->2 Dimensions

It all started with the research of Erving Goffman he called Frame Analysis.

A frame is a 2×2 Window you use when you look with the Eyes who are looking at a 2-dimensional world Outside.

Circular Field: “Third Eye”

When we “Look” with the Imagination (“Our third eye“)we can “see” much more dimensions.

Creation Out of Nothing:

Catjects: The Flickering of Categories

Spencer Brown was the writer of the Laws of Form.

It is a book about creating out of Nothing.

Form is no other than emptiness; emptiness no other than form (Diamond Sutra)

Niklas Luhmann, the teacher of Dirk Baecker was inspired by Laws of Form

Dick Baecker He talks about Sociology and LoF. A catject is a blend he created between Category and a Traject (Path).

LAWS of FORM (LOF)of George Spencer Brown

Lof is really a “Esoteric” book about the Creation out of Nothing.

LoF contains the A and the OM of the Sound of Creation AOM.

TAO Te Ching by Laozi

Tao Te Ching

Spencer-Brown’s motto is a verse from Laozi’s Tao Te Ching.

Laozi begins his writing with four verses, of which Spencer-Brown has chosen the third verse. wumingtiandizhishi
Wu ming tian di zhi shi:

Nothing’ is the name of the beginning of Heaven and Earth”.

Flickering Concepts

We are constanly creating distinctions that are destroyed by their predecessors that immediately create their contrary.

In the middle of the time two contraries are true at the same (short) time.

Order and Chaos exist At the Same Time

An example is Order and Chaos or Agency and Communion.

Four Archetypes form a Square

The archetypes re put into their opposite corners of the Square where the white lines are the middle of the middle that cross into the punt in the middle which is Empty, Without Form.

When you read the square With or Agianst the Clock you will find ta narrative(Catject) about Creation and Destruction that is always there.

Life is a chain of Contradictions.


When you look Up at the picture of the 12 possiblePaths of Change of length 2 you can see that Idea has six possible dual connections. Idea<->Action, Idea<->Model or Plan and Idea<->Value.

With these paths you can make infinite paths of change that sometimes return to the beginning.

That is why the views of Alan Fiske or the view of the Seasons below are important.

I hope you realize you are looking at the same pattern of agency and communion being a Breath all the time.

Nothing changes only tour view changes.

Alan Fiske Relationship Patterns



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