The Universe Lives For Ever

Life is a result of the Electro Magnetic field of the Earth.


This blog is a combination of >50 blogs about biology, mathematics and Physics that together prove that the universe is a living system that lives for ever.

I understand that this is a complicated issue.

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NB: Parts of this blog are made with the help of GPT.


Part 1: The rediscovery of Plato and Thot in in the Renaissance evoked an ancient Power.

According to Plato behind the complex patterns visible in the dark Cave only one Sun shines.

Everything is made out of Light but wat is Light?

Light is Nothing becoming Not-Nothing.

Light is an Electro Magnetic Field that is made out of a flickering of Nothing into Something and Back ceating a zero-Balance.

Part 2: The intervention of the Enlightment destroyed the insights of the renaissance. and reduced the human to thinking and perceiving with a dual perspective related to Good and Evil.

Part 3: The rediscovery of what life really is shows that even 1-cellular organisms are intelligent.

Part 4: The universe is bounded by zero and adapts its laws when this condition is violated.

Part 5: How the simple explanation of the universe was blocked again by Lord Kelvin

Part 6: What is life again: about Adaptive Laws

Gravity is the same force as the Electro-Magnetism.

Part 7: Why everything is made out of Light

Part 8: Maxwell Laws for Living Fields

Part 1: Renaissance of Alchemy and Thot

The Renaissance was a rebirth of the philosophy of Plato and the Alchemy of Thot (Hermes).

The work of Plato was destroyed by his pupil Aristotle.

He introduced Causality and the thinking in Parts assembled by the great Maker.

Plato got his teachings from the University of Egypt situated in Heliopolis.

There he learned about Achemy and the power of the Imagination translated into the Magic of Thoth.

Behind the Wall of the Vacuum lies another universe(of the Moon) that is hidden by the polarization of the wall.

Holy Spirit

The influence of Holy Spirit related to our Imagination became so strong that the Bankers of Venice and Amsterdam organized an anti-movement lead by Paolo Sharpi .

Duality Body and Mind

They destroyed the work of Magister Leibniz and funded Rene Descartes to create a philosophy that divided the Human in two parts Body and Mind.

Part 2: Enlightment

This started the Enlightenment

Wolfgang Smith, a phiosopher , mathematician and physicist explains how physics lost its path because of the Enlightenment.

Part 3: 1-Cellular Organisms are Intelligent

Nichael Levin has discovered that 1-cellular Organisms show intelligent behaviour and join into multi-cellular organisms that show the same behaviour.
The behavior of 1-to-many cellular organisms is controlled by the Electro-Magnetic field they produce.

This means that Life is an `electro-Magnetic Field.

This introduces the question What is an Electro-Magnetic field?

This question wass solved by Clerk Maxwell amd Michael Faraday in 1840.

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How 1-cellular organisms unite to become multi-cellular.

In this blog I try to find out if non-living matter is living.

Life is an Anticipating System

Recently I wrote about Anticipating Systems

This blog is about the work of the biologist Robert Rosen who finally discovered what life really is an anticipating system.

The Robert Rosen’s “modeling relation” is about the connection between formal systems (mathematical models we create) and natural systems (real-world phenomena).

It emphasizes that our choices in creating formal models are subjective and that a model’s success depends on how well it captures the relevant aspects of the natural system.


According to Robert Rosen, an anticipating system is a system that can predict or anticipate its own future states or behavior without relying on a predetermined program or external instructions.

We call this “system” our Intuition.


Aristotle changed the teachings of his teacher Plato fundamentally by introducing the concepts of Causality and the Maker.


Causality leads to a logical problem because there is no end at the quest for the cause behind the cause.

Big Bang

It leads to a concept of Creation out of Nothing and finally to the theory of the Big Bang.

Part 4: Nilpotent Constraint

Peter Rowlands proved that all the qualitative variables in physics sum to Zero which means that the universe does not have a beginning nor an end.

It always exits.

8: Octonions

Peter Rowlands shows that the universe can be explained by the Octonions an 8-dimensinal expansion of the Quaternions.

Quaternions are a combination of two Imaginary Numbers i and j where i and j are a Square of -1 so i**2 and j**2 are equal and -1.

Only the One Exists

The numbers are a result of Counting with a unit (1).

The “counterpart” of 1 is -1. They sum to 0, the number of the middle.

All the algebraic operations can be unwinded (multiply vs dividing etc) until an exception was detected with the number -1.

A square of -1 seemed impossible until Leonhard Euler,called it simply i.

this lead to the imaginary numbers(1-dimensional ) and the expansion of this concept into the quaternions (2 dimensional ) and the octonions (8-dim).

Rotation 90 °

A rotation of 90 (Orthogonal) creates a new dimension.

Imaginary numbers are a rotation of 90 ° in the n-dimensional space (1,2,4,8) they represent .

Part 5: Why Lord Kelvin destroyed the work of Clerk Maxwell

Lord Kelvin, a famous physicist had religious objections to Clerk Maxwell’s work, particularly Maxwell’s ideas about electromagnetic waves and the concept of an electromagnetic ether.

Vector -> Creator

Kelvin’s objections were rooted in his belief in a divine creator. He therefore introduced vectors to introduce an Divine Aim.

Since that time Physics became so complex that nobody could see the whole again and Paolo Fharpi’s mission became a success until today.

Part 6: What is Life? How the universe adapts its laws.

This picture shows all the stages of the pattern of the universe.

Every step is a combination of the patterns of the prevous steps starting with a Triangle.
The universe is a rotating rotator

the Universe is able to Adapt its Laws

Peter Rowlands and Vanessa Hill also showed that the universe looks like an adaptive (Turing )Machine.

Always in Balance

It looks like a very strange computer that changes its

Operating System when the nilpotent condition is violated (Sum>0) which means that it is always in balance and is changing its laws all the time.

Repeating Fusion of itsGeometry

Every time its geometry (structure) is the same but its structure is a fusion of repeating the same geometry in its geometry (a fractal).


Its basic structutre is the Trinity

Electro Magnetism: Maxwell Equations

What is the link between Life and Electro Magnetism?

James Clerk Maxwell and Michael Faraday experimented with electricity and magnets.

They found a pattern that Maxwell formulated in Quaternions recently discovered by William Rowan Hamilton.


The Quaternions are rotations in >3-dimensional space.

Later the Quaternions were abandoned for Vectors. This made physics very complex.

The original drawings of Faraday. \
Observe that the picure he made is an quaternion.

E8 Symmetry

E8-symmetry is the symmetry of the Octonions.

The E8 symmetry contains the current particle model of Physics

It is a 8-dimensional model created by adding orthogonal vectors to the 4-dimensinal field of the Quaternion-model of Maxwell.

Part 7: Why Everything is made out of Light

Light is made out of nothing that splits and unites in the shortest time we know call Planck time.

Vermilion Cliffs National Monument
Ancient ~Rock Art always contains Spirals

Part 8: Maxwell Laws for Living Organisms

Maxwell’s equations are a set of fundamental equations that describe the behavior of electric and magnetic fields. 

They are named after James Clerk Maxwell, who published them in the mid-19th century.

The four Maxwell’s equations are:

Gauss’s law for electric fields: The electric field lines start and end on electric charges.

Gauss’s law for magnetic fields: Magnetic field lines never start or end; they form closed loops.

Faraday’s law of induction: A changing magnetic field induces an electric field.

Ampère’s law with Maxwell’s addition : A changing electric field induces a magnetic field.

These equations have been used to explain a wide range of physical phenomena, from the behavior of Light to the operation of Electrical circuits.

Bioelectric fields are the electric fields produced by living organisms. 

They are generated by the movement of ions across cell membranes, and they play an important role in a variety of biological processes, including cell signaling, muscle contraction, and brain function.

Bioelectric Fields

The analogy between bioelectric fields and Maxwell’s equations is striking. 

Just as Maxwell’s equations describe the interplay between electric and magnetic fields, 
bioelectric fields influence cellular behavior.

They guide processes such as cell migration, differentiation, and proliferation. Interactions between cells and their bioelectric fields can lead to specific patterns during development, reminiscent of how changing electromagnetic fields induce electric fields in physics. 

Bioelectric signals regulate various biological processes, mirroring the fundamental role played by electromagnetic fields in physical processes.

Integrating Rowlands, Maxwell and Levin

Quaternions Multivariate Vectors
Peter Rowlands has developed a model that unites all the forces in nature and can be applied to biology too.

Peter Rowlands’ Framework and Michael Levin’s Model: Extending Physics to Bioelectric Fields

Peter Rowlands utilizes four fundamental variables: Charge, Time, Space, and Mass, and extends the mathematical framework using Octonions, which are 8-dimensional mathematical entities with unique properties.

The Law of Self-Organization:

In Rowlands’ framework, the electromagnetic fields E and B are expressed in terms of these four fundamental variables: charge (q), time (t), space (r), and mass (m). 

This framework is analogous to Michael Levin’s research in bioelectric fields, where bioelectric signals guide the self-organization and regeneration of biological systems.

The equation ∇ × E = -∂B/∂t can be reformulated using these variables: ∇E = -∂B/∂t Here, ∇E represents the spatial derivative of the electric field E with respect to space, and ∂B/∂t represents the time derivative of the magnetic field B. 

These derivatives are expressed in terms of the fundamental variables q, t, r, and m, much like how bioelectric signals in Levin’s model influence spatial and temporal processes in living organisms.

The Role of Electric Potentials:

Similarly, the equation ∇ · E = ρ/ε₀ can be expressed in terms of these fundamental variables. 

In the context of Levin’s work, bioelectric fields involve the role of electric potentials in controlling cell behavior and tissue development. 

Thus, this equation holds significance in both physical and biological systems:

∇·E = ρ/ε₀ Here, ∇·E represents the spatial divergence of the electric field E with respect to space, and ρ represents charge density. 

These quantities are defined in terms of q, t, r, and m, akin to how electric potentials and charge densities are crucial in Levin’s bioelectric model.

Dynamic Interactions and Reactions:

The equation ∇ × B = μ₀J + μ₀ε₀∂E/∂t, as interpreted in Rowlands’ framework, parallels the complex interactions and reactions that Levin’s model explores in the context of bioelectric phenomena. 

These interactions are vital in both physics and biology: ∇B = μ₀J + μ₀ε₀∂E/∂t Here, ∇B represents the spatial derivative of the magnetic field B with respect to space, J represents current density, and ∂E/∂t represents the time derivative of the electric field E. 

These variables are defined in terms of q, t, r, and m and are analogous to the dynamic processes in bioelectric systems studied by Levin.

Self-Regulation and Change Over Time:

Finally, the equation ∇ · B = 0, as expressed in Rowlands’ framework, underscores the self-regulatory nature of physical interactions. 

This concept parallels Levin’s observations that bioelectric signals play a role in guiding the self-regulation and change over time in biological systems:

∇·B = 0 Here, ∇·B represents the spatial divergence of the magnetic field B with respect to space, which in Levin’s context, can symbolize how bioelectric phenomena contribute to the self-regulation and adaptation of living organisms.


In this blog I argue that the universe is a living system, not a machine. 

I support this claim by citing evidence from a variety of fields, including physics, mathematics, biology, and philosophy.

One of the key pieces of evidence is the nilpotent constraint, which states that all the qualitative variables in physics sum to zero. 

This means that the universe is always in a state of balance, and it cannot be created or destroyed.

his claim comes from Peter Rowlands, who has developed a mathematical model of the universe that is based on the octonions, a type of eight-dimensional number system.

Rowlands’ model shows that the universe is a self-organizing system that is constantly evolving.

The universe is a conscious being that is capable of learning and adapting. 

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