You are the Cause of Your own Problems

Many people are stressed and the amount of stress is increasing. They pay their bills but a company is telling them that they have not paid their bill. They phone the call centre and prove they are right but the operator is telling them they are wrong. A week later the company sends a reminder. They call again and get the same answer. People spend hours waiting in line to talk to somebody that cannot handle their problem.

When they remove the obstacle more obstacles appear. The computer system of the company is sending the wrong data to another company. Suddenly somebody is blocking their credit card. They phone the call centre and now nobody understands anything anymore.

Old obstacles come back. It starts all over again because somebody has converted old data to new data and has forgotten to clean the old wrong data. Years later they still have not paid their bill and have to pay an enormous amount of interest or worse are now called into court.

They are in a loop and the loop and everything that has happened to them can be traced back to something called software or the computer. Many people don’t realize that a machine is not “not working”. It is doing exactly what the human beings have programmed into the software. Somewhere behind the nice lady in the call centre, slowly changing into a stressed bitch,  is another human being, called a programmer. He has done something wrong.

If we ask the programmer what went wrong he will tell you that he just did what the designer was telling him to do. The designer talked with the business people. The business people want to support the customer and the customer is you. Again we see a loop.

It seems that you are the cause of your own problems but you don’t know how to solve this.  You are powerless and many psychologists can explain you this is exactly the cause of stress and stress related diseases.

The funny thing is that you are not powerless. You are the customer and companies invest huge amounts of money to keep you satisfied. If you don’t buy their product they are broke in a short time. The only thing you don’t know is how to use your power.

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