Why Religion is an Experience

Many people confuse Religion as a System of Rules with Religion as an Experience. The same Religious Experience is shared by all the Religions of the World. It is an Experience of Union, Intense Love and Harmony. People are able to Fight and Kill to enforce their Rules on other people. When they have experienced the Love they will Stop Fighting. You are able to share the Feeling of Love with others but you are unable to articulate this feeling in words. Many mystics use the Metaphor of Earthly Love and talk about the Mystic Bride or the Mystic Marriage. … Continue reading Why Religion is an Experience

Why Psychiatrist are Unable to Cure their own Mental Disease

I have been involved with mental illness all my life.In my fathers family many people were mentally ill.   My grandmother was taken to a mental prison after the birth of her last child and staid there all her life. She died before I was born. My aunt was sexually abused when she was young. My uncle was a simple friendly person who was only capable of taking care of animals and gardens. He was really too friendly (not assertive). Many people took advantage of him. He ended his life in a mental prison where he was incapable of doing … Continue reading Why Psychiatrist are Unable to Cure their own Mental Disease