It is time to Lift the Veil: Version 2

This is version 2.

I was born 22-4-1951, 1:02 in Leiden, the Netherlands.

When I was a young child I was visited by Ghosts that frightened me.

Because of his back pain My father was visited by a Magnetizer who told me that I could do the same.

As a young child I could Read the mind of an adult making me ask “forbidden” questions. I knew and know what bothers people.

At school I always asked the wrong questions and was therefore send out of class. Later I discovered that asking the wrong questions is called consultancy and it attributed to Socrates (“Socratic Dialogue“) who was sentenced to death doing this.

When I worked at the Personal Department of the Dutch PTT iI proved that I could predict psychological tests by “entering” into people.

I always meet the people I need by accident. Often When we meet I (and the other) feel a big energy moving through my body and the other.

Often important and secret data is given to me when I meet other people that are in a conversation or look at TV or take a book and open it at a centrain place. I know how to use the Tarot and the I-Tjing.

I am always “Saved by the Bell” so I am never in need of money or I survive a big accident or a almost terminal disease.

I know what the Sign tell me and am able tp translate signs for other people.

I have travelled Time and Space have met Spirits that turned into Material Person that suddenly disappeared . I know I have 7 Guardian Angels and met with the Arch Angels.

When I was a Senior Manager at ABN it helped me to select talented people that’s why the bank gave me the responsibility to take care of High Potentials.

At school my teacher detected my Mathematical talent. I am a seeer (and not a prover).

At the University I was able to combine all the exact studies psychology & philosophy. I am a Master in almost everything because I see (=insight”) and remember easily (photographic memory).

Later I found out that what was normal to me was called paranormal and I started to find an explanation in science.

I am 70 now and It is time to write down what I know. To do that I will use many personal (Blogs) and external sources (links) I have collected in my life.

Every now and then I will add a little part of the whole so come back as often as you want and please ask questions.

Cycles, Music and The Sixties

Cycles are based on Cycles (“fractals“) are based on Cycles are based on a harmonic Musical Pattern. This picture contains a part of a cycle (Periodicity=250 years) that is situated in the West.

When you look at the pattern you will see that we are approaching a Big Transformation in which a new World Religion will arrive. The arrival is predicted in many religions including Christianity (the second coming)

I know since childhood that I will be part of the big transformation and that I will play a part in it. I know what part. I have met people who are part of my soul group for a very long time and know this too.

In the picture below you see a higher frequency (P= 50 years) of the Cycle called the Kondratiev Wave. In this picture, the lowest pattern can be seen in the picture above. We are moving into a state of the Center (White).
In this picture of the Kondratiev Cycle put into a cycle with a longer periodicity you can see that the sixties are a so-called overtone. They are a creative state based on a creative state.

History (and the Future can be explained by a Harmonic (Musical) pattern called the Svara , the Cosmic Breath, in India. The Svara. The Akasha is the memory of the Universe. Everything a Soul does is recorded.

The Universe is a giant Musical instrument with a very special but predictable pattern of harmonically related oscillations that determines the structure of everything from galactic clusters to subatomic particles.
A picture of a Cycle Generator based on the pentangle where you can see that the pentangle contains pentangles etc. etc (“fractal”) . The Five Points of View of the Cycle can be found in a theory about Worldviews called Paths of Change (PoC).
The Chinese Sheng Cycle based on the Pentangle (5) and the Duality (2) and Trinity (3). In a new version I will write more about China.

In 1968 I visited Paris with my school at the moment of the rise of the Sudents that came to the Netherland a few years later. The 60-ties were started and i was in the middle of it all.

The Cathedral of Chartres, Druids and Ley Lines

On the last day of our visit to Chartres I visited the Cathedral. When I got into the Cathedral I experienced my first Mystical Experience.

Later i found out that Chartres was the mystical center of the Druids. It is called the Heart Chakra of the World.

Later I found out that the Mystical story(the spiral) was put into the Chathedral and that many other places in the world are situated at special “power” places mostly elated to tensions in the deeper structure of the earth or the flow of water deep below.

These places are connected by lines called ley-lines. They are part of ancient roads that lead to holy pilgrimage places like Santiago de la Compostella.

Later a personal advisor of Poetin told me that the Russian Pipe-lines were put on ley lines to have more impact on Earth.

The spiral of the Universe can be found in many places. This is a burial place in New Grange in Ireland.
Ley Lines.

Channels, Seth en Ra

Thinking Allowed is a You-Tube Channel run by Jeffrey Mislove that contains hundreds of interviews with important researchers of the Paranormal.

THis video is about Channels. Channels are humans that are able to get in contact with sources that are outside the Veil.

One of my first encounters with a Channel were the books of Seth.

Later I found a comparable entity called RA. RA Explains the Law of One.

The main concept of RA (see below) is the Tension between the Service of Self and the Service of Others as a path of Ascention. Service ABove Self is the motto of the Rotary. Observe that ROTAR is a permutation of TAROT or TORAT.

Just as many other Ancient Philosophies RA uses the Chakra’s and the related Vibrations as a Path of Ascension. THis path of ascension can als be found in many ancient books for example the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Egypt, Ahkhnaton, Aten Mozes and Heliopolis

Egypt and Past Lifes

When I was in Normandie close to Le Mont St Michel I was taken to the oldest Oak of Europe. There I was taken over and was told about Heliopolis the City of the Sun in Egypt. I also saw the people who got together to discuss the effect of the Great Flood.

The Egyptian knew a lot about the many states of the soul.
the soul: The Sahu is the vehicle of transport of the soul in and out the many “universes”.

One day I was taken out of my body and moved with an enormous speed through the Universe to a place where the Love of God was all around.

A friend of mine suddenly jumped out of his body at Night and could go where he wanted to go. This happened day after day until he could stop it. He not only could move in reality but aloso to other worlds where he met all kinds of people and other entities.

The same happened to Robert Monroe who wrote many books about it.

Observe that he talks about a certain kind of “meditation technology” based on sound. Have a look here. This technology is called binaural beats (BB). My advice: don’t take too much or you will experience the same effects as my friend and Robert Monroe.

BB has the same effect as deep meditation and could start a rise of your kundalini.
Robert Monroe: About Out of the Body Expirience


About the many planes of the soul (causal, mental, astral) and the many ways t get there.
Russell Targ: He was the manager of a huge ESP program of the US government: Currently he is writing and doing research About Non-Dualism.

Around 1999 I experienced a rise of my Kundalini and i became Enlightened. I will tell you more about it later.

About my Magical Mystery Tour

When we moved into a new house in Gouda that was an old Hospital stange things started to happen. We and tour neighbors heard strange noices.

Suddenly I heard for the first time in my life a voice in my head who explained me that a big change would happen and I did not have to be afraid. Soon after that my wife left for a reason she could not explainand I was suddenly alone in a new house.

I felt asleep and woke up early in the morning at Sunrise and experienced my death that was combined with a feeling of Extreme Power that felt like God and I understood why we need an intermediary to connect to this extreme power.

After this my Heart started to pulsate sending out energy to others. I realized that my Magical Mystery Tour had started.